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What is EcoAir-O?

EcoAir-O is an innovative way to freshen the air Naturally. EcoAir-O is manufactured from a hydrothermal volcanic mineral and is a member of a special group of minerals that geologists call "zeolite". The mineral itself is negatively-charged and highly porous, giving it an extremely high surface area to absorb the moisture in the air reducing odours and mildew from occurring.

How do I use EcoAir-O?

EcoAir-O is extremely easy to use: simply activate the package's innovative flow thru design, and place in your fridge/freezer, home, office, camper, sports locker or any where you choose to eliminate any unwanted odors.

Why should I use EcoAir-O instead of baking soda?

Although baking soda is often used to absorbs and eliminate odours moisture and mildew, it last only a short amount of time and needs to be replaced frequently. EcoAir-O packets absorbs 10X more moisture and eliminates the odour lasting 4X longer then baking soda. Proving to be a better choice to keep food tasting fresher and safer.

Does EcoAir-O contain any harmful chemicals?

EcoAir-O is 100% natural, chemical free and contains no hazardous ingredients. EcoAir-O is safe and poses no health hazards.

How can EcoAir-O save me money?

EcoAir-O's flow thru design provides maximum odour elimination and protection keeping food tasting fresher longer.

EcoAir-O has many post uses including as a winter traction aid. Simply use EcoAir-O anywhere around your home or business where people walk or drive on slippery ice and snow. Areas to focus on are sidewalks, driveways, stairs, patios, decks, play areas, landings, pet areas, parks, trails, and parking lots. In the spring, simply sweep EcoAir-O onto your lawn or garden, or re-use it for multiple other household applications.

EcoAir-O essentially eliminates the need for green bin liners and gives you the option of either rincing out your bin (providing a nutrient-rich "compost tea") or simply sprinkling additional EcoAir-O into the bottom of the bin to soak up residual juices.

The rich soil created through composting (and facilitated with EcoAir-O) is invaluable when it comes to gardening. Using your own composted soil means saving money on expensive organic soil and fertilizers.

EcoAir-O naturally benefits our lawns and gardens by it's unique properties to help improve a soilís nutrient reservoirs, infiltration rate, aeration, and water-holding capacity. Its absorbent quality keeps water in the soil longer and its honeycomb structure helps improve the movement of air through the soil medium.

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