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The Inspiration: Humble Beginnings

Our love for composting goes back several generations to our grandfathers who were devoted gardeners. Rich, fertile soil was an essential component to these gardens and could make all the difference come harvest season. A compost pile in the backyard was one of my first impressions of composting and the natural, organic fertilizing of their vegetable patch.

As it turns out, recycling of organic materials is a necessity for today as much as it was back in the time of our grandfathers.

The following generations took composting to the city but were presented with unique challenges. The signature compost smell (which can be made worse after a harsh winter) is a real deterrent for many people. This is unfortunate because composting provides us with so many benefits including the chance to build up depleted land and improve soil erosion, reducing land fill mass and minimizing water table pollution.

After many hours of considering this unique challenge and even more time spent on research and vigorous testing, a solution was born! We were pleased to find that zeolite, the "Magical Mineral" behind EcoAir-O could address the common complaint of "smelly compost" while adding even more incentives to compost.

As hobby growers, gardeners and members of the Just Food Movement in Ottawa, this is a cause that is very near and dear to us. We invite you to navigate through this website and learn a little more about our passion for composting and protecting our fragile environment.

The Founders

Mark Watson

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