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Eliminates and Controls Odor, Moisture and Mildew Naturally!

EcoAir-O is an innovative, all-natural product that safely eliminates and controls odor, moisture and mildew naturally.
Why is EcoCompo the best choice for removing odours? Read on!

How EcoAir-O Works.

Controlling temperature and humidity are the primary ways to prevent food spoilage and reducing food-borne illness. To keep food tasting fresher longer open your package of EcoAir-O and place in your fridge, freezers and cold storages and let the product filters help control temperature and humidity. When warm air and vapour enters it is quickly absorbed by the zeolites honey combed structure removing any odour and contaminants effectively extending the shelf life of the food inside.

Safer food storage.

The power of the zeolite will aid in controlling temperature and absorb the excess moisture, odor and ethylene gas reducing the occurrence of mould growth and bacteria. Improper moisture and temperature control can rapidly increase the number of spoilage bacteria. EcoAir-O's innovative flow thru design reduces these factors and creates a safer food storage area.

Removes odours caused by unpleasant gases.

Absorbes a multitude of environmental contaminants and many different types of gases, moisture, organic and chemical based compounds (VOC volatile organic compounds) ethylen gas and more.

What is ethylene gas?

Ethylene gas is naturally given off fruit and vegetables, and the more ethylene gasses are present in your fridge, freezers and cold storages the more accelerated the ethylene sensitive food begins to rippen and spoil. With EcoAir-O present theses gases get quickly absorbed and trapped, preserving the freshness of your produce.

What other gases does EcoAir-O absorb?

The zeolite material in EcoAir-O is a negatively charged ion and traps a large amount of toxic gases. In addition to absorbing the ethylene gases that ripen and spoil our produce, EcoAir-O absorbs methane, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia.

EcoAir-O provides real benifits and real savings!

Real value for your money.

  • EcoAir-O packets last 4X longer and absorbs 10X more than baking soda.
  • Last up to 4 months once activated.
  • Many “after use” applications include: winter traction aid for home/auto, add to potting soils/garden, emergency spill clean-ups and more. Saving $$$

EcoAir-O creates an ideal environment for food storage.

By absorbing the moisture gases and odors inside your fridge, freezers and cold storages EcoAir-O creates a drier, crisper air quality, where the life and quality of your food is extended. By absorbing the moisture and gases your food is preserved for longer and does not need to be thrown away, saving you money. EcoAir-O is an effective tool to insure a food storage environment that stays colder and drier that will reduce the incidents of mould, bacteria and food-borne illness.

Saving your appliances and saving you money.

By controlling the moisture levels and heat loss of your fridges and freezers EcoAir-O aids in lessening the burden on your appliances. A crisper and colder food storage environment with less wear and tear resulting in your appliances using less electricity and needing to be replaced less frequently.

Do your part for the environment.

  • EcoAir-O is 100% natural and chemical free.
  • Contains all natural Zeolite.
  • No Benzene, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Perfumes or Hydrocarbon chemicals.

What is Zeolite?

EcoAir-O is manufactured from a hydrothermal volcanic mineral, and is a member of a special group of minerals known as zeolite. Simply put, EcoAir-O was formed as superheated mineral-rich water, circulating in areas of volcanic activity, which crystallized and was deposited in small "vesicles" or holes within massive sequences of lava and other rocks. This process takes millions of years. Over time, a porous, negatively-charged, high surface area mineral formed with unique characteristics that make it a highly-effective traction agent that has actual environmental benefits. For more info on zeolite clik the wikipedia and the Academy of science links.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is EcoAir-O?
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