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The Natural Compost Aid We Have All Been Waiting For!

From Earth Innovations, creators of EcoTraction, comes a new all-natural green product. EcoCompo is an innovative composting aid that both facilitates the composting process and also enhances the quality of the end product: nutrient-rich soil. EcoCompo is the perfect composting aid for those who:

  • care about the environment;
  • are looking for ways to improve soil quality
  • find composting smelly and pest inducing
  • are interested in reducing land fill mass and reestablishing diversity
  • desire beautiful, healthy lawns and gardens
  • buy products with exceptional value that actually work

Eliminates compost and garbage odors naturally

Ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide are all responsible for the unpleasant composting odors which, if left unattended, can attract flies and other pests. By absorbing these gases, EcoCompo knocks out composting odors effectively and safely. EcoCompo is designed to be used in any type of composter including green bins, kitchen collectors and home composts.

Richer compost for healthier soil

EcoCompo, better known by geologists as an extremely porous mineral called zeolite, is something of a wonder mineral. When added to compost, EcoCompo increases water retention of the resulting soil, increases aeration and improves drainage and nutrient retention. In fact, NASA has been experimenting with zeolite as an efficient means of holding water and plant nutrients in a growing media for deep space flights!

Easy to use, excellent value

EcoCompo is extremely easy to use: simply sprinkle about ?4 cup of product, or enough to cover the surface area, into your compost bin every time new compost is added. One 4.5 kg jug can last up to 20 weeks. For more information on usage, click here.

Speed up the composting process

By sprinkling EcoCompo over composting materials every time new content is added to the bin, a layering effect occurs. Layering (and stirring) the EcoCompo product encourages decomposition, forcing it to speed up and resulting in soil of exceptional quality, faster.

Multi-purpose means great value

In addition to nutrient-rich soil, the "dirty water" that the EcoCompo-compost mixture leaves behind in bins can be used as an instantcompost tea to fertilize outdoor and indoor plants. Also,  EcoCompo can be used to eliminate odors in animal litter boxes, in compost toilets and out houses.

A natural solution for a greener planet

EcoCompo is an all-natural volcanic mineral that is entirely safe to touch and is harmless if accidentally ingested by children, pets, and wildlife. EcoCompo also contains no phosphates, chemicals or dyes.

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